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Club Penguin Codes

We provide every Club Penguin Code that everyone can use on Club Penguin! These codes are called “Coin Codes” just like the ones you use when you receive a toy that you bought! These codes are FREE that you can use once per account.. Click Here to goto the redeem page then login, and click “Redeem a Code”, once that loads, type in any of these codes located below.

DISNEYMU – MU Percy Costume *NEW*

BARONFEL – Tie Fighter Pilot Costume *NEW*

D23EXP11 - Purple Cross-hatched Hoodie

ORGULHO5 – Brazilian Party Hat


PUMPKIN1 – Pumpkin Hat

MMCODE12 – Guitar Shirt

HPHONES1 – Puffle Headphones

UFOANZUG – Alien Costume

UFOMASKE – Alien Mask


DJUBILEE – King’s Crown

DSKYRIDE – Blue Track Suit

SOMBRERO – Pirate’s Hat

FANTASMA – Ghost Costume

PRESENTE – Bunch of Balloons

ELPIRATA – Pirate Eye Patch

UNPIRATA – Pirate Coat

SURPRISE – Tree Topper Hat

HAPPYCNY – Purple Dragon Costume

FILMSTAR – Popcorn Hand Item

MASQUE01 - Superhero Mask and Coins

DISNEYMU – Monsters University Percy Costume

BARONFEL – Tie Fighter Pilot Costume (NEW!)

We will update these each time Club Penguin adds a new code! Last time updated: JULY 16, 2013.

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