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Club Penguin Extras Updates (10/3/14)

First things first, I can’t believe it’s already October! Just a few weeks away from Halloween as well. I would like to apologize for not keeping Club Penguin Extras updated like I always do, I’ve been busy with Club Penguin FM and many other projects that I haven’t had time to do any of it, but it’s starting to get to where I can do more things now so I’ll focus on Club Penguin Extras and getting it back up to date..

I am also going to be creating a new theme, once again for Halloween! You’ll see it change in the upcoming week or two so stay tuned for a spook-tastic Halloween Theme!


Club Penguin August 2014 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Released

Every month Club Penguin releases a new catalog for our igloos, and today, Club Penguin has released the Frozen-Themed Furniture & Igloo for this months party! You can check out the cover of this months catalog below.

Currently, there aren’t any hidden items for this months catalog, what are your thoughts about the furniture and igloo? During the party, Elsa will perform in your igloo for a short amount of time! Comment below on your thoughts.  (The igloo will be during the party as well.)


Club Penguin Sled Racing App Released

The Club Penguin Sled Racing app has officially been released to the public on the Apple App Store! Currently, this app is not available for android or windows users, but you can still play Sled Racing online on Club Penguin or on the App Store for iOS! You can check out the Sled Racing app below.

I have to say, I completely enjoy this game, it looks like fun! You can download this game on the iOS App Store by searching “Sled Racing”, please note that it might not show for you just yet as Club Penguin has just released it so be patient, it should show it for everyone on August 8th, 2014.. Comment below on your thoughts about the app!


Club Penguin Catalogue August 2014 Released

Club Penguin’s Frozen Takeover Party is nearly here with awesome mascots and Club Penguin has finally updated the catalog in the Gift Shop with Frozen-Themed Clothes for this months party! Now until September, you can dress as Elsa, Anna and even Olaf, the Snowman! Check out the cover of the Catalogue below!

Are you ready for an Frozen-Themed-Tastic party coming August 21st, 2014? Dress as your favorite character from Frozen and act out your part from the Disney’s Original Movie, Frozen! Comment below on your thoughts and what you’ll be dressed as for the Frozen Party on Club Penguin!


Club Penguin Times Issue #459

Club Penguin has once again released another issue of the Club Penguin Times! This weeks issue is #459 which might have a few Sneak Peeks of a party coming soon, as well as talking about the Frozen Party that will be here in a few weeks! The first article is called “Herbert P. Bear Safety Alert”, which talks about how in the past, we defeated him and to stay alert if you see him around the Club Penguin Island, could this mean another Operation Herbert party coming to Club Penguin?

The next article is called “Summer Weather Report”, which talks about the Frozen Party and how Aunt Arctic will invite her friends to the Island, which will be the mascots that will be coming for the Frozen Party 2014!

The last article in this weeks newspaper are the current Events, which shows you which events will be coming soon, currently on now and also when the next pin is hidden on Club Penguin.

This weeks events are:

  • Aug 14. Furniture & Igloo Catalog
  • Summer Party (Frozen)
  • New Pin hidden now till September 3rd!

What are your thoughts about this weeks Club Penguin Times Issue #459? As you can see above, there are a few sneak peeks on what’s coming in the near future of Club Penguin, as well as another Herbert Plan which might have something to do with the Sasquatch that have been found in Club Penguin Files! Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts.



Club Penguin: Ask iCPblog your questions!

I’ve gotten many comments asking many questions, which I’ve replied to them and answered them, and I love to answer all questions you all have, so, like I did time and time again, I bring to you, Ask iCPblog Part: 3! You can ask me any questions related to Club Penguin, and my blog by submitting the question below using the form from Ask.FM.

Ask iCPblog: Your Questions!

F.A.Q/Featured Questions

  • How do you make an Automatic Tracker?
    All automatic trackers are, is bots going around servers, looking for that specific ID.
  • Why don’t you ever do YouTube Videos?
    I don’t really like YouTube very much, but I might do videos in the near future.. (Hint hint..)
  • Why are there only one person posting on CPE?
    All my past authors was lazy, never seemed to post, so for now, I will be the only person posting.
  • Will there be any near-future applications for author job?
    I might not have any applications for a while now.
  • I downloaded your Item Adder but can’t uninstall it?
    We haven’t had downloadable Item Adder programs in a while, but all you need to do, is delete the .exe file, it was never installed on your computer/laptop.
  • Will there be any giveaways?
    Luckly, I am already planning on doing a giveaway at 9,000 followers on Twitter for a big Thank You for the support.

If you have any questions, feel free to submit them above, you can read your own questions that you submitted, or by other penguins that submitted questions to me by Clicking Here. – Have fun submitting questions! I will start answering them soon!


Club Penguin New Creature Coming Soon?

Today, I was waddling around in Club Penguin’s Files (Gosh, gotta love em’!), and I found something suspicious that might be coming to Club Penguin soon! The Creature kinda looks like a Sasquatch, which might be in a Club Penguin Party that is coming soon to Club Penguin! Check out the Creature below.

What do you think the Creature can be? I believe it could be a Forest-Themed party that will soon be on Club Penguin? The beta hat above might be a clue that it could be Rockhopper, as he was the first mascot on Club Penguin, it also looks like Rockhopper as well. This mascot might also be on the new iOS app, Puffle Wild as well.. Comment below on your thoughts and what you think this mascot could be!


Club Penguin Sled Racing App Coming to iOS

Club Penguin’s Moderator, Megg, has posted a What’s New post on the Club Penguin blog talking about the new Sled Racing app that is coming soon to iOS! Sled racing is one of the first games in Club Penguin, where you challenge your friends in sledding down a hill, in order to win, you must be the first one that made it down the hill, before any of your friends.

The new Sled Racing app will be a little challenging than the one on the computer, you must see how far you can go down the hill, in high speed, the Sled Racing app will also have options for easy, medium and hard as well, so it will be easier for you to play Sled Racing , you will also be able to gather up coins within the app as well. You can  check out megg testing out the new app below!

What are your thoughts about the Sled Racing app? I can’t wait for it to be released on the App Store for iOS soon with another app called “Puffle Wild”, which might be similar to Puffle Round-Up on Club Penguin in the Pet Shop. Comment on your thoughts and what you think about the Club Penguin Sled Racing App below!

Club Penguin Frozen Homepage Updated 2014

The rumors are officially true and has been confirmed when the Club Penguin Team updated the Homepage on Club Penguin’s website with the Frozen Takeover Slider, with Elsa, Anna and Olaf as the main penguins that are on the slider! You can check out the homepage of the frozen slider below or on Club Penguin’s Website.

What are your thoughts about Frozen being a party at next months event? I heard you can collect snowflakes and get rewards! What do you think the rewards will be? You can waddle with Elsa, Anna and the whole Frozen Family on August 21st at!  Comment below on your thoughts.


Happy 16th Birthday, @iCPblog!

Hello Everyone! I would like to Happy Birthday myself, as today (July 24th, 2014) is my 16th birthday! I’ve been blogging for Club Penguin since I was 10 and joined Club Penguin when I was 9 years old!! And I’ve made sure to keep you all updated with the latest Club Penguin News, and these past few years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve learned two things.

  • Club Penguin is an amazing game to blog for, and meet friends, like I did, I’ve met many people while playing and blogging for Club Penguin, I’ve also known many penguins from years back that still play Club Penguin beside me.
  • I’ve also learnt that not many penguins are friendly on Club Penguin, but there’s always that one person who is rude to you, right?

Through out the ups and downs, I would like to say THANK YOU to all the friends that I’ve made within the past few years, as well as this year, I’ve made many friends and I would like to thank every single one of you, including the ones that views this blog constantly for Club Penguin updates, thank you so much for the support, from everyone.

You don’t know how I feel about all the support I’ve gotten, it means a lot to me that so many of you are supportive of me, and my projects, and I am honored to be friends with you all, I wouldn’t be where I am now, a Club Penguin Blogger, without any of you viewing my blog for the updates, and I wouldn’t be who I am now without all the support I’ve gotten through the years, I am seriously thank-ful for it all and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank You so much!