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Club Penguin – Let’s Get #Frozen (Takeover Confirmed)

You heard it right! The Disney Channel original Movie, which was a hit since it first released on Disney Channel, Frozen, has been confirmed by Spike Hike and the Team that there might be a Takeover for Frozen on Disney’s Club Penguin with the whole gang, including Olaf the Puffle!

Club Penguin has hidden many things in videos, but this one was sneaky as you can see below, a white puffle with a carrot (That looks like Olaf the Snowman from Frozen) was thrown up in the crowd while smiling.. Could that be a sign of Frozen Takeover?

During the party, you will be able to adopt a snow puffle and transform into your snow puffle and do some special things with your snowy friend.. You will also be able to get clothes from the Catalog, as well as free items around the island during this party as well.

Are you excited for the Disney Channel Original Movie, Frozen on Club Penguin? I think it’s fit perfectly to be on Club Penguin as it’s a snowy covered island, all the time. Comment below on your thoughts!


Club Penguin Extras Updates & Improvements (Part 2)

Happy Sunday everyone! Before I get into this whole post about updates and all of that, I would first like to completely apologize for not posting these past few days, July 4th was two days ago so I haven’t had any time to do any of that so I completely apologize.

Anyways, there will be many updates coming to Club Penguin Extras, as well as Club Penguin FM (Which is a radio website for Club Penguin), I will be working for 2 weeks straight trying to get Club Penguin Extras up to date and Club Penguin FM back up with a newly version of CPFM.. Below are a few things that’ll be coming to these updates.

Club Penguin Extras Updates

  • New Theme! - Yep, another theme.. again!
  • New Program Styles! - There will be new looks for our programs, as well as the ones on our programs website (We know they’re down, we will get those programs back up ASAP.
  • No more authors! YIPPY!! - Who needs authors right? Club Penguin Extras has been looking for good authors for quite some time but always been inactive, so I will be doing the posting from now on (like I always been doing, hehe.)
  • Trackers Update! - Whoa! A new tracker system? Wonder what that’ll bring?

Club Penguin FM Updates

I can’t really say anything cause it’ll be a secret but all I will say is, there will be a new theme, as well as a new radio style, Club Penguin FM is also going to be bringing a new feature as well that’ll have anyone enjoying the radio.. Hint hint.. :]

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you all will enjoy these updates and like I said before, I apologize for not posting as much this past week, I will be bringing this site back up to date on the latest Club Penguin News, I can promise you that! – Comment below on your ideas on what should come!


Club Penguin What’s New blog: Behind The Scenes with Cole Plante

Club Penguin’s Moderator, Polo Field, has interviewed one of the penguins who will be remixing a song from Club Penguin, DJ Cole Plante with many questions that we submited to Polo Field on the last What’s New blog post. You can check out the full video of the interview below.

What are your thoughts about the interview? I can’t wait until I can hear the new remix that DJ Cole Plante is currently doing at the moment and I’m sure you guys will love it! Comment below on your thoughts.


Club Penguin’s Penguin Cup Released

EDIT: The Penguin Cup is now over on Club Penguin.

Club Penguin has officially released the Club Penguin’s Penguin Cup on Club Penguin with 4 different teams to choose from! You can be either Yellow, Blue, Red or Pink at this Penguin Cup Champian Games! Below is a walk through on the new party, and where the free items are as well as how to play with other penguins.

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014

Club Penguin’s Favorite News Penguin and Secretly the Director, Aunt Arctic, is visiting Club Penguin for the Penguin Cup of 2014 and Club Penguin Extras has the tracker that will find Aunt Arctic for you and track her, 24/7! Check out the Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker below.

Club Penguin Aunt Arctic Tracker 2014

Please note that this tracker is NOT automatic, meaning our team updates the tracker whenever we find Aunt Arctic on Club Penguin.

Tips for Finding Aunt Arctic

  1. Aunt Arctic is a GREEN penguin, she wears a PINK hat, PINK and WHITE shirt and BLACK glasses.
  2. She will usually waddle on non-popular (1-2 bar) servers and mostly safe chat servers.
  3. She will be mostly in the party member-only rooms at the Penguin Cup, which means in the Ice Rink.
  4. Remember to get her Stamp and Gift by clicking the Box button on her playercard.

Club Penguin Extras: Programs Project

Hello Penguins! I’ve been asked, many times, if penguins could use our programs for their site and that they will give credit, I want to ask for your opinion if Club Penguin Extras should make it where anyone (with permission from me) can use them for their website..

What are the Terms?

Of course there are terms for using our programs, which you have to follow in order to use our programs on your site.. Below is a list that you must agree to in order to add our programs to your site.

  1. You must give 100% credit to Club Penguin Extras.
  2. You can’t say you made them and you take full credit.
  3. You can not try to edit the programs.
  4. You must add a Terms and Conditions link on your site redirecting to our Terms And Conditions.

If you would like for this to become real, where you can use our programs for your site, please comment below and let us know.. Just remember, at this time, if we catch anyone using our programs without permission from us, their site will be removed from ever using them again..

So remember to comment below if we should do this and let us know your thoughts and opinions!


Club Penguin’s Penguin Cup Construction

As you may have noticed, there are lots of construction going around the Club Penguin Island for the Penguin Cup Construction! Club Penguin has released the Construction in the last update on the 13th of June, with other minor updates as well.. Check out one of the rooms where the Construction has started at below.

What are your thoughts so far? I am extremely excited for this update and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Club Penguin’s Penguin Cup! I wonder how many teams there will be? Let us know in the comments below on your thoughts!


Club Penguin Slice Pin Cheat June 2014

Each month, Club Penguin releases a new pin for penguins to find, and then add into their inventory and wear on their playercard and Club Penguin has once again released another pin this month! This pin is called the Club Penguin Slice Pin, which is located at the Underground Cave in the Top Center of the room. Comment below on your thoughts about this pin!


Club Penguin Times Issue #451

Once again, the Club Penguin team has released a new Club Penguin Times. In this issue, we have a lot of stuff to look forward to. For example, we have Aunt Arctic covering the Club Penguin Sports Network, Rockhopper’s ship talk, and Upcoming Events. Don’t forget there is also a brand new comic in the Club Penguin Times. Let’s cover this issue of Club Penguin Times!

To start off with, we have Aunt Arctic telling us that the Club Penguin Sports Network (CPSN) will cover every match played at the Penguin Cup which starts June 19th!

Then, Rockhopper gives us tips how to be a good-ol pirate on the seas.


To end off the first page of this Club Penguin Times issue, we have Upcoming Events.


  • June 19 – Penguin Cup
  • July 3 – Penguin Style
  • June 26 – New Pin
  • June 29 - Penguin Cup Winners

Last but not least, the new comic of the week.


That’s all for this issue! It was filled with news that you couldn’t miss! What was your favorite part of this issue? Comment below – we’ll love your opinion! Mine was personally the CPSN part!



Club Penguin Prom has been Released 2014

Club Penguin has officially released the graduating and the Club Penguin Prom at the School which is located on the Map at The Mine! Club Penguin has also updated The Mine to match the Prom and Graduation Party, check out the Free Hat you get in the school below!

What are your thoughts about the Prom and the Graduation Party? Hope you got someone to go with you because it’ll be a party blast! Just remember to wear your prettiest dress or tux while waddling around the prom and wear your graduation hat so you can graduate! Comment below on your thoughts!

And a huge Congratulations to the 2014 Graduation Students that graduated this year!