Club Penguin Times Issue #444

Once again, the Club Penguin team has released a new Club Penguin times issue for us penguins to read!  In this issue we have the Puffle Gala arriving to the Stage, Rookie alerting us about bears at the Forest, the upcoming events to the island, and a new comic! Let’s dig into this action-packed issue.

To start off with, Puffle Handler (PH) tells us the Puffle Gala is now available to view at the Stage, which we were not allowed access to for the last week.

Next  up, we have Rookie alerting us about Bears in the Forest! He tells us how to be safe from these creatures.

As usual, we have the Upcoming Events.
Upcoming Events

The events are:

  • May 1 Special Event
  • May 15 Furniture & Igloo Catalog
  • May 1 New Pin
  • May 14 New Pin

Lastly, we have a new comic or more like a meme.

This action-packed issue was amazing! What part did you like best? Comment below! I personally loved the new comic.


Club Penguin Puffle Handler Tracker

Puffle Handler (more commonly known as PH, or her real name, Paige) is one of the agents in Elite Penguin Force who teaches your penguin to use Elite Puffles abilities. She also teaches you to feed, care, and play with your puffle once you first adopt them.. She is currently on Club Penguin for the Puffle Party 2014 and Club Penguin Extras has the 100% accurate Club Penguin Tracker below.

About Puffle Handler & 100% Meet-Up Times

Club Penguin Code – “PUFFLES1″

Recently, the dog and cat puffles were released. Well, in celebration of the dog puffle, the Club Penguin team has let out a new unlockable code for every penguin to unlock. Follow these steps provided below to unlock the item.

1. Go to, and scroll down the page until you see “Unlock Items”.
2. Log in/ Create a Penguin.
3. Select “I’ve got a Code”
4. Enter PUFFLES1 in the provided space.


There you have it! What are your thoughts on this new unlockable item? It’s pretty cool that there’s a new dog puffle hat, how many of you want a cat puffle hat? Comment below your thoughts and opinions!


Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Easter is OFFICIALLY here which means… Time to pick who won the Easter Egg Hunt and who will be featured on Club Penguin Extras ! – Drum roll please….

Powder Ball and Hunter55435! – Congratulations to those two winners!

The winners will be featured in the Winners Page along with your name and whatever else you would like to add to the winners page! – We will be having more excitting games like this so stay tuned! You can also comment your ideas on new games and contests and we would be glad to do them for you!.. :)

Congratulations to the winners, once again!


(Click Here for the Winners Page.)

Club Penguin Puffle Park Released April 2014

Club Penguin’s Puffle Park has been rumored to release soon and that rumor has became true! Club Penguin Has recently updated the Pet Shop and the Plaza and added in a “Park” which is called The “Puffle Park”! Check it out below.

Club Penguin has also moved Puffle Round-Up to a new spot which is located in the Puffle Park, which is on the bottom right corner of the park.

What are your thoughts about the Puffle Park and the new location of the Puffle Round-Up game? Our puffles will have a blast at this Puffle Park and I cannot wait until I can explore it with my puffle! Comment below on your thoughts about the Puffle Park!


Club Penguin Puffle Hats & Puffle Food Released

Club Penguin has once again updated the Puffle Catalog with new puffle food and puffle hats for your puffles! Waddle over to the Pet Shop to get the new Puffle Food and Puffle Hats for your puffle! Check out the Puffle Catalog below with the updated puffle hats and puffle food.

Club Penguin has also added two new foods which are the Shrimp and Biscuit Treats, as you can see above, they added five new hats as well as two new foods.. What are your thoughts about the new food and puffle hats? Let us know in the comments below!


Club Penguin Puffle Party 2014 Released

The Club Penguin Puffle Party has officially been released on Club Penguin with different quests and items which you can find around the Club Penguin Island, you can now also adopt a Cat and Dog Puffle at the Puffle Shop as well.. You can also transform into any puffle you have without being a member.. Check out the Town below!

What are your thoughts about the Puffle Party 2014 so far? The cheats will be fully posted soon so keep checking back on Club Penguin for them and remember to get your Dog and Cat Puffle at the Pet Shop!


Club Penguin Puffle Catalog: Happy 8th Anniversary !

The Club Penguin Puffle Catalog has been here for over 8 years, from today, April 14th, 2014 and I would like to do a little post to celebrate the puffle catalog, where we got our items and furniture for our lovely puffles, so, happy anniversary The Club Penguin Puffle Catalog from all of us at Club Penguin Extras!

The Puffles Catalog has been here since 2006, updating from time to time with the latest furniture for our lovely puffles and I’m extremly glad that our puffles has such a wonderful catalog for their furniture.

Comment below on what you think about the Puffles Catalog, and again, Happy Anniversary, CP Puffle Catalog!


Club Penguin Rockhopper Meet-up Times April 2014

As you may have known, Rockhopper, which is the first Pirate and Mascot that was ever on Club Penguin, has once again came back to the island for a visit, and Club Penguin has released some Meet-up times for Rockhopper! You can view the meet-up times (Updated daily) below.

Saturday, April 12
*3:00 AM, server Jour de Neige (French)
*7:00 AM, server Flocon (French)

Sunday April 13
*10:00 AM, server Deu Branco (Portuguese)
*11:30 AM, server Meias de Lã (Portuguese)
*12:30 PM, server Freezer (Portuguese)

Monday, April 14
*1:00 AM, server Буран (Russia)
*5:30 AM, server Torta de Atum (Portuguese)
*8:00 AM, server Аврора (Russia)
*8:00 AM, server Yéti (French)
*9:30AM, server Handschuhe (German)
*11:45 AM, server Mamute (Portuguese)
*2:00 PM, server Isla Pirata (Spanish)
*2:45 PM, server Ventilador (Portuguese)

Tuesday April 15
*1:00 AM, server Варежки (Russia)
*5:25 AM, server Deu Branco (Portuguese)
*6:00 AM, server Северный Олень (Russia)
*7:00 AM, server Yéti (French)
*10:45 AM, server Picolé (Portuguese)
*11:00 AM, server Isla Secreta (Spanish)
*11:30 AM, server Айсберг (Russia)
*2:15 PM, server Tudo Branco (Portuguese)

Wednesday, April 16
*6:00 AM, server Pororoca Polar (Portuguese)
*6:30 AM, server Аврора (Russia)
*7:30 AM, server Jour de Neige (French)
*9:30AM, server Handschuhe (German)
*10:30 AM, server Neblina (Portuguese)
*2:20 PM, server Sundae (Portuguese)

The meet-up times above may change so check back every day to make sure you get the 100% Meet-Up times of Rockhopper! – Comment below on your thoughts and comments if you can meet him in one of these meet-up times..!


Club Penguin Leaving Alert Message Screen Released

When you try to waddle to a link on Club Penguin, such as Twitter, or any other link that isn’t Club Penguin related (that’s on, it will pop up a “Are you sure?” message to tell you different Terms And Services apply, you can check out the Leaving Alert Message below.

What are your thoughts and comments about this new update they have released? I’m glad that they released something that’ll tell you what might be on the site, and there might be different terms/rules on it.. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!